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"A bowhunter's paradise!" – Daniel Beraldo, Associate Editor, Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine
"This is bow hunting at its finest. The hunting land is phenomenal, the stand locations are right on, the food and facilities are top notch." – Eren Hebberd, Michigan bow hunter


A BOWHUNTING ONLY environment for the serious bowhunter.


I have found a home away from home at Copper's Creek Outfitters. I have hunted there for the past 5 years, and plan to go back as long as they will have me. Beau, Tyson and their families have become like family to me. We have a great time each year and look forward to it all year long.

This is bow hunting at its finest. The hunting land is phenomenal, the stand locations are right on, the food and facilities are top notch. I especially like the clean room, I believe it really adds to hunter success. It definitely gives you an edge on scent control.

I have passed on many shooter bucks while hunting with CCO, and have seen some real giants up close. Hunting all day during the rut in Illinois, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.

This year I shot a big ten right on the shoulder at 27 yards. Beau did his part and I messed it up. I was feeling horrible about the shot; Beau and Ty did their best to keep my spirits up the whole time. For the next two days we tracked and looked hard. I was truly impressed by the effort put in to the recovery of this deer. The knowledge they have about the deer and their travel habits were equally impressive during this process.

Although I didn’t put my tag on a great buck this year, I consider every year a success at Copper's Creek. I always look forward to coming back.

– Erin Hebberd
Michigan Bow Hunter
Rock Island Co. Annual Non-resident
(989) 795-2390

"Aside from being ethical and highly likeable, Beau and Tom Carlson have some of the best bowhunting land in western Illionois. Beau and Tom maintain over 10 stand choices for every hunter and the big buck action is fantastic. Besides seeing 8-10 bucks, I saw three shooters. One was a huge 22 inch with 4-12 inch tines. He chased a hot doe to within 50 yards of the stand at 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday. After the most amazing 3-hour display of chasing many subordinate bucks, snortwheezing and scraping, he actually bred the doe! It was 4:15 p.m. when he finally came close enough for the shot. The arrow flew low and right below the brisket; and that buck is still out there for next year's lucky hunters. At dark a second shooter buck with even taller tines came in to scent-check the area. This was a show I wish all hunters could see just once!! I was in shock for three days, I had seen it all. I said it then, and I will say it now, that was the best hunt I have ever had! Go to Copper's Creek, make 10 new friends and hunt in a relaxed, trophy-filled atmosphere – and possibly kill the biggest buck you've ever seen! See you there!
– Buck Clark
Crozet, VA
"Hats off to Coppers Creek's Outfitters' Beau and Tom Carlson on a well run country hunting atmosphere. I can't thank those two hard workers enough. Not only did I get to see the biggest whitetail buck I've ever seen, I was able to harvest a buck of a lifetime. With over 100 stands to get you in shooting range, Beau and Tom do everything in their power to get you on a trophy IL bruiser. Plus, the food and hospitality are on the top of their priority list. One of the first things they tell you is 'Treat the place like it's your home.' On my last day when I was packing and saying goodbye to the friends I had met, I felt as if I was leaving family. The Carlsons are great people and their operation is a top notch bowhunting-only paradise."
Daniel Beraldo
Associate Editor of
Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine
6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
323-782-2709 | 323-782-2477 fax
"What a hunt! I had the time of my life, and my hunt was over 20 minutes after it started! Copper's Creek really is the 'bestkept secret in Illinois.' Keep up the good work, guys. I can't wait to share camp with you guys again!"
– Dave Skinner
Owner, Lost River Game Calls
This was my dad's and my third straight trip to Copper's Creek. The accommodations, food, hospitality, and of course the hunting are outstanding. Beau and Tom have become family and you'll never meet two nicer people who will work their tails off to make your trip both enjoyable and successful. They have the big deer there also. On the evening before the "ice storm" hit, Dad took the biggest buck of his life, and I took an 8 pt. pushing over 240 lbs., just 10 minutes apart. The only two people more excited than us were Beau and Tom. Dad and I have seen nice bucks every year hunting with Beau and Tom, but these were the first deer we chose to take. Copper's Creek is a top notch operation and we'll definitely be back.
– Scott O'Dell
"I saw the biggest deer I have ever seen in the wild! I have been to several places hunting, but none compare to yours."
– Jim Reynolds, Extreme Outdoors Pro Staff
109 Maddox St., Martin, TN
"This has been an unbelievable trip! This was exciting. I can't say enough about Beau and Tom and the accomodations and as you saw, what a huge buck. What a great hunt and I would recommmend coming to Illinois and hunting with these guys to anyone! They're a great bunch of people and be patient, because they will put you onto big bucks"
– Brad Clinton, Co-host of "Better Built's World of Outdoors"
RR #2, Box 361, DuBois, PA
"Thanks for a great hunt and the chance of a lifetime. Something to talk about for a long time. Damn, I had a great time. I can't get over that buck, never will. I've hunted 35 years for deer and I have never seen a deer like that in shooting range, nuch less, bow range. In fact, I may have never seen a deer like that, period. You guys keep up the good work and your enterprise will be a success!"
– Jeffrey Smith
658 Albany Rd., Monticello, KY 42633
"I had a great time and had all the opportunity a fellow could ask for. I am thankful for the opportunity to harvest a big deer, but am still very satisfied with the buck that I got. The food was great (as usual) and I had a very enjoyable week. It helps when someone (anyone) gets a great buck like Jeffrey's and Mickey's."
– James Richardson
540 Worsham Lane, Monticello, KY 42633
"I've been bowhunting hard and often all over North America for years and took my biggest bodied and best racked whitetail ever at Copper's Creek in 2003. Tom, Beau, Fay and Scott Carlson treat you like family and go the extra mile to insure a successful hunting experience you won't soon forget."
– Larry Prossen
1698 Kingston Rd., Longwood, FL 32750

"Thanks for a great hunt! I've seen more and larger bucks than I ever have. I passed up four nice bucks before taking the buggest one that I have seen in my life of hunting. Your operation is first class and I would recommend this hunt to any bow hunter in search of a 'bruiser.' I'll be back next year, keep up the great work."

Nick Washburn
Watertown, NY
"This has truely been a wonderful hunt! The amount of game is awesome! The quality is great. Everything a person could ask for. The afternoon of the first day with fading light I missed the biggest deer I have ever seen at 32 yards. I couldn't settle for anything less after that and passd up at least 6 'shooters' waiting for him to come back. Your place is the best kept secret in Illinois. At any time the buck of a lifetime could walk by."
Morris Moody
St. Anne, IL
"This has been a great hunt for me, a first time. The first day of the hunt I saw a trophy of a lifetime and saw at least 8 more through the week, two of which I missed. The deer are huge bodied and huge racked and I enjoyed my time at Copper's Creek immensly. This is the place to go when you want an archery spot of a lifetime."
David Flanders
DuBois, PA
"Thanks guys for a very exciting week of bowhunting, I had the time of my life. Without a doubt, Copper's Creek Outfitters is the best kept secret in Illinois. You guys have it all, delicious meals, excellent hospitality, and the chance to harvest a 'monster' of a lifetime. Scouting and treestand placement was excellent. It takes your breath away to see 150-170 class bucks weighing well over 200 pounds."
Don Carlson
DuBois, PA
"Thanks for the great hunt! I am very pleased with the big 8-pointer taken on the first morning of the hunt. In the 2 1/2 days I hunted I had three 8-points within bow range and saw a tremendous 12-pointer across the field from my stand. The accomodations were just what I was looking for and the food and hospitality were first rate. I also enjoyed the company of the other hunters in camp. I had a great experience!!"
Mike Craig
Milford, MI
"Good food, good people, good hunting, Great Trip! This was my second trip with Copper's Creek. The food was as great as the first time. The people are top shelf. I would consider them friends and recommend them to anybody. The hunting was the best that I have seen. It is easy to hunt all day when you know the next twig that snaps could be the biggest buck you've ever seen or will ever see. I had seven racked bucks under me the first day. I don't think I have ever been a part of, or seen on film a better hunt, but the trip as a whole was the best of all. The funny thing is, I almost didn't get to go on the trip, but thanks to Beau & Tom being the people they are I was able to make it. Thanks for a great trip."
Chris Ashworth
"If you love to hunt and you like huge deer, Illinois is definitely the state to hunt. There are tons of outfitters out there and most are just in it for the money. Here at Copper's Creek, it is the complete opposite. Beau, Tom, and Derek work extremely hard to get you on a BIG DEER. The food is great, the lodge is above most and the hospitality is awesome. Guys, whatever you do don't get discouraged. Be patient, hunt hard, and it will happen. These guys WILL put you on a big deer. Hey Beau, that pup is great! She went straight to that deer we couldn't find!!"
Jamie Patton
"Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality. This trip being my first with an outfitter was simply amazing! Thanks so much for the hard work of the staff and the food was second to none. You have a first class operation that is affordable. Thanks for all you did to make my dream come true. I look forward to "Dream Season" #2 next year!"
Michael Lonon

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Copper's Creek Outfitters

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